Serhat Aydogdu

Serhat is a technology investor fascinated with decentralized finance in its quest to bringing humans right to the centre of finance, with AI / ML due to its power in augmenting human capabilities, and finally with digital commerce as a platform to serve how we consume things in our daily lives. He is an active contributor to the Blockchain and web 3.0 community with his investments, his involvement in decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs) and his podcast The Curious Learners, where he hosts founders and investors in the Blockchain space.

Serhat has a unique background as the employee #5 at an early stage start-up, as a founder who stopped while working to establish product market fit and as a financial services domain expert from his time at Goldman Sachs.

Trained as a hard-core electrical engineer at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Serhat went right out of college to an early-stage start-up. As one of the first five employees, he was a business developer, an operations manager, a pricing architect, a sales agent and of course a computer programmer. Surrounded by exceptional people in a fast-paced environment, it was a deeply transformational experience for Serhat.

Upon completing his MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, he joined the difficult-to-turn-down Goldman Sachs in London. After completing his journey from an excel geek (which he still is) to a senior financial services domain expert, he made his pre-planned move to the wonderful world of venture capital.

Serhat’s investing experience at Centricus in London was largely focused on fintech and consumer businesses. He was lucky enough to invest in or otherwise assess companies at a wide range of stages in their journeys. This experience allows Serhat to evaluate carefully company building and scaling as two distinctive phases in a company’s lifetime.

Serhat is a late-night reader, a weekdays early-morning runner, a commuter cyclist and podcast host at The Curious Learners.

Serhat is proud husband to Inci and proud dad to Arden.

When he finds the time, Serhat glances over games of his favourite football teams Galatasaray in Turkey and Spurs in England.