Ufuk Civilo

Ufuk believes in the future prospects of censorless, permissionless and decentralised version of today’s widely used products on internet and supports Web3 founders working towards the same goal. He is also expanding D4’s blockchain initiatives comprising products with highly engaged communities and clear utility aspects.

Ufuk is an experienced VC investor working with entrepreneurs for more than a decade.  He has backed both early and late stage businesses and was part of failure and success stories. He has a vast global network in the tech ecosystem and a true passion to learn about new technologies and products in consumer categories. The companies he has been involved with at D4 Ventures include Blidz, Bloom&Wild, Heroes, Merama, Neon NFT,  Rubi Brands and Tarabut Gateway.

Previously, he was an investor at TPG Growth based in London working mainly on venture investments in Europe and led the firm’s early-stage efforts between 2015 and 2020. He is also an angel investor in more than 20 start-ups globally and he enjoys supporting founding teams through sharing his experience in hiring, scaling operations and fundraising strategies.

Ufuk started his career in management consulting at Frost & Sullivan and later joined ADM Capital as a private equity investor covering Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Ufuk was born in Turkey and he earned his MBA from INSEAD and holds a Bachelor degree from Bogazici University. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time on reading, traveling, training for triathlon competitions including Ironman and regatta sailing.