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Earned Wage Access Platform Discoverarrow
Merchant financing as a service Discoverarrow
Leading Open Banking API platform in Latin America Discoverarrow
Free to Play, Fun to Earn Battle Royale Discoverarrow
Global social shopping app Discoverarrow
Leading European online flower gifting brand Discoverarrow
Algorithmic market maker in digital assets Discoverarrow
Automated VAT compliance platform for e-commerce Discoverarrow
Market Alumni & Retiree Management Platform Discoverarrow
Sustainable e-commerce platform acquiring eco-friendly brands across the US and Europe Discoverarrow
Immersive shopping platform pioneering circularity in luxury fashion Discoverarrow
Acquirer and operator of “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA) brands Discoverarrow
UK’s leading rental fashion platform Discoverarrow
One-stop-software to empower entrepreneurs in South East Asia Discoverarrow
Growth partner of the largest e-commerce businesses in Latin America Discoverarrow
Solana based NFT marketplace Discoverarrow
Challenger bank for SMEs, Creators and Freelancers Discoverarrow
Payment curation platform Discoverarrow
Automated personal balance sheet manager Discoverarrow
Growth partner of e-commerce brands in Turkey Discoverarrow
Universal open banking API in MENA region Discoverarrow
Decentralized prediction markets protocol Discoverarrow
Index provider for crypto assets Discoverarrow
Europe’s largest digital insurance platform Discoverarrow