Memduh Karakullukçu

Memduh Karakullukçu is an instinctive observer of global trends with a voracious appetite for macro synthesis, an incorrigible institution builder and an aficionado of the cross-disciplinary patterns in human thought.

He is an analyst of global trends and a regular commentator at international fora, carving an intellectual space at the interface of geopolitics, geoeconomics and technology. Over the years he has addressed a wide range of topics including regulation of AI and geoeconomics, digital currencies and power politics, future of global energy, automation and employment, global economic/financial governance, cybersecurity and individual rights. 

Professionally, Memduh takes pride and joy in building pioneering institutions. He served as the Founding Managing Director of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ARI Science Park (2002-2006), Istanbul’s first and leading technology entrepreneurship community currently comprising over 300 tech companies. During this time, he was a senior advisor to ITU’s President in shaping the strategy of the university in the domains of biotech, microelectronics, satellite communications and material science.

He then served as a Founding Board Member (2009-  ) and Founding President (2009-2019) of the Global Relations Forum (GRF) in Istanbul, an independent membership organization bringing together leaders in business, government and academia. During his tenure at GRF, he positioned the new institution as a respected partner among leading think-tanks across the world. He also built communities of undergraduates, young professionals and young academics around critical global debates, especially in relation to new technologies.

Memduh is currently involved in two not-for-profit institution-building projects. He has been the advisor and the co-conceptualizer at an international NGO with the mission to increase social cohesion through listening, arts and storytelling. In parallel, he serves as the catalyst in creating a vigorous and vibrant discussion space for young and perennially curious minds at the Society for the Purposefully Purposeless.

His appetite for diverse patterns in human thought has taken him across disciplines and professional paths. He studied electrical engineering and economy (BS) at MIT, finance (MSc) at the LSE and law (JD) at Columbia University. 

Memduh served as a member of the academic staff at ITU and the LSE. Earlier in his career, he worked as a specialist in structured finance in London and Istanbul.

He recently co-authored a book titled “Values, Interests and Change: An Intergenerational Conversation” with two former undersecretaries, respectively of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Intelligence Organization.  He is a member of the NY State Bar.